Where can I see and test The Ace Collection mattress?

The Ace Size Mattress is displayed at Grande Maison De Blanc, 417 N. Beverly Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90064. There are also three mattresses (soft, medium and firm)  to test comfort preference. 

Is the Ace Collection mattress designed for co-sleeping/bed-sharing with children?

No, the Ace Collection is designed to be a larger and extremely comfortable version of a standard mattress.  We have not undertaken specific designs or tests relating to the safety of the bed for co-sleeping/bed sharing with infants.  Like any mattress, customers should consult with their doctors and review relevant medical literature, such as the recommendations of the American College of Pediatrics (http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/138/5/e20162938), to determine the appropriate and safe sleeping arrangement for their child.  The Ace Collection does not make any representation as to the safety of using our mattress for co-sleeping/bed sharing with children.

What is the cost for domestic shipping in the US?
Due to the size and nature of our products, we create custom shipping quotes based on your mailing address. Please send us your shipping address and what you are interested in and we can get you a quote for shipping. All of our product information and pricing can be found here on our website: www.acesize.com.

 Ace Mattress delivery in Los Angeles is $250.

Please note that shipping quotes can take up to 7 business days to receive. You may email us at info@acesize.com

Do you offer international shipping?
We do not offer international shipping at this time but are currently in the process of negotiating lower pricing for international shipping costs. We hope to have secured better pricing by early spring 2018. With that said, we are not accepting international orders at this time. We appreciate your patience while we work to negotiate the best possible shipping rates for our customers. Please check back with us soon!

Do you offer financing or payment plans?
We do not have a financing partner or offer payment plans through our Ace Collection website at this time. However, PayPal offers payment plans for those customers that qualify at checkout. Once payment has been received in full, your order is completed in full on our backend through our product fulfillment team.

What is your return policy?
We are accepting mattress returns within the first 5 days of delivery. Shipping cost, to and from, will be paid by the customer.  We do have a 10-year manufacturer warranty and will be adding a disclaimer to our website in the coming weeks. Because our company is new, we are still working on finalizing everything so we appreciate your patience and understanding during this exciting time.

Do you have a showroom where your mattresses can be seen or tested?
Our Ace Size Mattress, Medium, is currently displayed at Grande Maison de Blanc. Located at 417 N Beverly Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90210. We do not have a showroom displaying other sizes or firmness. If the mattress ordered ends up being too soft or hard, we sell soft and firm foam toppers to adjust the comfort level to your liking.

Will your bed be able to fit through my doorway?     
The mattresses are 80” high to fit through a standard (USA) 6’8” high door. Prior to ordering, we recommend that you please be sure to measure your doors/staircase to make sure they are at least a standard 6’8” doorway and also ensure that you are able to navigate the mattress to desired room location.

How are your mattresses constructed?
Our mattresses are constructed with individually wrapped pocket coils and 2” foam with specified density (firm, regular, soft). The mattress is then wrapped in 100% organic bamboo fabric. The mattress is 12” – 13” thick. They do have a fire-retardant agent.  

They come in three different comfort levels; soft, medium and firm. Typically, in the mattress world, the guideline is the taller and heavier you are, the firmer the mattress. If you are unsure of which firmness to purchase, we suggest ordering a medium firmness. If the mattress ordered ended up being too soft or hard, we sell soft and firm foam toppers to adjust the comfort level.  We do not accept returns.

You can find customer reviews on The Ace Collection Facebook page, under reviews: https://www.facebook.com/acesize/

Can you create a custom size bed for me?
We do not offer custom sized mattresses outside of The Ace Collection sizes at this time.

Do you have a print catalog or mailer?
We do not have a print catalog at this time.

Where can I find customer reviews of the mattresses?
You can find customer reviews on many of our mattresses on The Ace Collection Facebook page, under reviews.
Link: https://www.facebook.com/acesize/

Are there other bedding and headboard options available for each of the bed styles?
Please contact us at linens@acesize.com for custom bedding options. 

We do not have other headboard options.

Thank you for your interest in the Ace Collection! Check back often for updates and information!